Frank Power conditioner "MUST" of year 2012, in Analogue fellowship audio book.

Analogue fellowship Dato Danon Han

Frank Power Bank/ Ultra Bank Pro 

Power Conditioner
Frank Power Bank PB-15000Ws

This is one product at our shore that make every owner of it proud to be a Malaysian. It's price to performance ratio is off the chart in my book. I thought I own some pretty good audio stuffs and expect little from tweaks and/or accessories, but this Power Bank from Frank Acoustics frightens me. I keep adding till I reached 3 units and yet to reach diminish return. The dynamic swing, detail, separation, palpability, density, imaging, delineation, bass, pace, rhythm, speed, etc etc etc will be improved. You will discovered as I have, the more unit(s) added at the "right point" will improve the above accordingly. This is the "MUST" of year 2012, in my audio book!


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