FRANK ULTRA BANK UB-25000Ws Power Conditioner

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      FRANK ULTRA BANK UB-25000Ws Power Conditioner 

How it Works
The shunt reactor is an absorber of reactive power, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the system. It is the most compact device commonly used for reactive power compensation in long high-voltage transmission lines and in cable system. Frank Acoustics has modified this system using a proprietary system for domestic abodes. The Frank Power Bank Storage component is essentially a scaled down version of this unique system for maintaining AC power to your Hi-fi system.



AC Output outlet :
AC outlets by ABL SURSUM CRYO UL12500 Germany  With L  EMI ground filter.
Voltage :
100VAC -275VAC  50/60HzAC
Input/Output Current Capacity : 15-20 AMP  (option 40 amps)
 ( Power Line Conditioner ) for any high end audio system. Input and output Loop true only.  
Transformer :
Dual core low loss Shunt Autotransformer 
NO Voltage Regulation
Features :
Cool running and noise free technology allows placement in critical listening environments.       
Charging time :
5 to 6 hour to full performance level.
Dimensions :
190mm H x 486mm W x 405mm D
Weight :
Standby Power Consumption :
10 Watts
Operating Temperature:
−25°C to 80°C
Made in Malaysia :

Price :
USD$ 4500.00  Internal component rates 20 amp MCB

USD$ 5800.00  Internal component rates 40 amp MCB (option)

*Specification subject to change without notice.



I have been very satisfied to have the Frank Ultra Bank UB-25000Ws in my system. While not the last word in AC power line conditioning approaches capable of solving all AC line interference issues, it is a completely innovative approach that addresses a very important issue of restricted dynamics dynamics and differs significantly from what is being offered by other products. It is a component that was very simple to implement. And once in place, the rewards are greatly gratifying. That sense of an increased foundation for the music and less constricted dynamics are significant steps in the right direction in our quest for a more rewarding musical experiences in our homes.

Do yourself a favor and check this unit out. The Frank Ultra Bank UB-25000Ws comes highly recommended.


Frank Acoustics Ultra Bank UB-25000Ws Power Conditioner($5800.00)

    I really don’t know why this unit is called an AC  power conditioner because it operates very different from any power conditioner I have ever experienced. This unit surpasses anything and everything that any power conditioner I have ever owned, and I am not ashamed to say I have owned a few. To best describe what the Frank Ultra Bank UB-25000Ws PC does is not try to describe it in this short paragraph. However their website says “The shunt reactor is an absorber of reactive power, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the system”.  In other words this unit will take your system to heights unimaginable. Trust Me. This unit will put your system on Steroids. Worth every dime of the asking price.The Stereo Times (Clement Perry, David Caplan, Moreno Mitchell)

Dato Han Analog Fellowship Wrote:

"MUST" of year 2013

"This is one product at our shore that make every owner of it proud to be a Malaysian. It's price to performance ratio is off the chart in my book. I thought I own some pretty good audio stuffs and expect little from tweaks and/or accessories, but this Frank Ultra bank Pro from Frank Acoustics frightens me. I keep adding till I reached 3 units and yet to reach diminish return. The dynamic swing, detail, separation, palpability, density, imaging, delineation, bass, pace, rhythm, speed, etc etc etc will be improved. You will discovered as I have, the more unit(s) added at the "right point" will improve the above accordingly. This is the "MUST" of year 2013, in my audio book!'

Frank Ultra Bank wins Thai audiophile award:

Gan Wrote:

"I am surprise to learn that even the AV in my system improves hell lot. The picture became brighter, sharper, more 3D. The colour became more solid and vivid. The sound improved the most – happy. This is the best investment in my system."

Thank you so much.

H H Gan

Dr Ng Wrote:

 "I cannot explain what it does in engineering perspective, but it improves my sound dramatically - more quiet, less grunge, more dynamic, more focus imaging, better depth and space in-between each musician, more ease and smooth in presentation, more clear and transparent, harmonics and timbre of musical instruments becomes very detail and more audible; each single notes - the attack, sustain and decay... I can hear it even the first day and got even much better after that! Easily 30% UP!!! Bravo Frank Voon - the designer for this . Thank you.World Class! and worth every dollar!
FRANK UB15000Ws – Ultra Bank Storage was installed few days back - tapping into my dedicated power line for HIFI.  Truly an awesome huge improvement to sonics. Anyone in the forum has try this?"

Malaysia -Subang

Lim Wrote:

"Frank Ultra Bank is Lord of Power, my 150W power amp sounded more like 250W, extended the frequency bandwidth. Eat that out! Dynamic and transient benefited the most. No dragging if you know what I mean. With great power, come greater volumetric soundstage dimensionality. The images were rock steady, no wobbling. The stage was akin to spooky electrostatic. On Brendan Perry's This boy, the banker sworn he heard the sound coming from the back wall. The spatial thing was generous, good deal of space around the images and nothing stands in between the listener and the imaginary stage."

Joki LS3/5a Club wrote:

Naturally, once the above are inplaced, the embedded emotional content, the expression of musician and his/her musicianship or artistry are able to come through more readily, making the listening that much more effortless, and at the same time, allows you to hear more and deeper into the music.

ko Sang wrote:

Frank Ultra bank サウンド効果が明らかとなります。ボーカル明瞭さが増加すると、それはより透明になります。

From Japan 100Vac

Stereotimes reviewed:

"This is one of the best power units I have ever owned in fact I will go as far as saying it's the BEST I have owned. Thanks so much"

Moreno Mitchell

*Specification subject to change without notice.






In operational use

There are two typical operational modes in which you can deploy the FRANK  Ultra Bank within your system where:

       Option 1 is connected in parallel to the AC lines in your abode that is shared by your existing system. This means plugging the FRANK Ultra Bank into an unused AC outlet preferably near your AV/Hifi system. It does not have to be connected to the same AC spur as your AV/Hifi System from your DB (Distribution Box). As long as the FRANK Ultra Bank is on the same phase, any electronic or electric device will benefit from the effect of the FRANK Ultra Bank.

       Option 2  is connected directly to the outlet off the FRANK Ultra Bank . The FRANK Ultra Bank  comes with a pair power outlets with an inbuilt EMI filter for the earth/ground. This also allows you to experiment with different varieties of power cords and power strips - we have no recommendations on this but trust that you will have some favourites that you may want to use with the FRANK Ultra Bank.

*  Frank Ultra Bank is handcrafted or custom made we only follow electrical safety regulation only.